Friday, 7 May 2010

Heroes Season 4

The finale of Heroes Season 4 was broadcast on BBC2 on Saturday in a double bill 'extravaganza' (I use extravagana in the broadest possible terms). After reading various comments on other websites, I have been gradually persuaded that Heroes has gone downhill since the stunning 1st season, but isn't the worst thing on the box.

The season started brightly, with Claire on her way to college, Hiro suffering from a brain tumour and losing his powers, Sylar believing he is Nathan, Matt realising a part of Sylar is trapped inside his head and the introduction of Samuel Sullivan, leader of a carnival for 'specials'. There was a lot of cliffhangers and mystery created in the first few episodes which generally maintained throughout the series.

POSITIVES: Cliffhanger mystery every week; merging a normal life with the 'special' life - Claire going to college, Matt trying not to use his powers as a police officer; Samuel (Robert Knepper was born to play the 'bad' guy, although his accent was pretty odd);

However, as mentioned before, it was nowhere near as good as the first series. The first one created lots of mysteries, a definite good/bad guy and finished spectacularly. The shot of Sylar stood on the hill having gained the final power needed was the height of drama and tension. His slightly excited and crazed expression shows how good an actor Zachary Quinto is, and although he was just as good in this series, I feel his storyline of fearing to be alone completely disagrees with his previous character, hellbent on becoming the most powerful man alive.

I also feel Hiro has changed in character too easily. Before, he knew not to mess with time as it would couse a 'butterfly effect' ripple which could destroy the universe, but after some gentle persuasion by Samuel, he changed his mind to right all his wrongs. This would never have happened if the old Hiro was still around!

NEGATIVES: Repetitive storylines - the ending with the desire for specials to stop hiding, Sylar confused about whether he's good or bad;

A fifth season?
I'm undecided.

I do enjoy the programme but perhaps am still watching it more due to habit than choice. The fourth season ended with Claire declaring herself to the world, an obvious hint at what the fifth season may entail, but it seems a little too predictable and a little too familiar.

Characters need to be redefined and not be so flimsy in their behaviour. Something Noah Bennett said in one of the last few episodes was similar to 'You mean everything to me Claire' and I found myself laughing because surely he's forgotten completely about his biological son? Wouldn't he mean perhaps slightly more to him than an adopted child?

I am interested about how long Sylar remains 'good' and how long the specials will be at peace with humans but don't think these storylines would last more than a few episodes.

Maybe it's time to call it quits, or maybe it's time to hire some new writers...

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