Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day Watch (2007)

SUMMARY: Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor) is the second of two dark Russian fantasy action films, based on a quadrilogy of books by Sergey Lukyanenko and Vladimir Vasilyev.

It has been some time since the grand finale of the original film. Anton continues to fight the forces of Darkness while simultaneously attempting to find and save his son from the clutches of those same forces. But when Dark Others start mysteriously being killed, and Anton is framed for their murders, he must put that goal on hold and try to escape the Day Watch that is looking for his blood. ( (written by Andrew Hunter)

REVIEW: Having watched Night Watch twice before, and enjoying the dark, intense theme of good versus evil, I expected Day Watch to follow on nicely - and it did just that!

In this film, Anton is training up a new member of the Night Watch, Svetlana and is in a relationship with her, frowned upon by Geser. He is also still battling to be a good father, something which has now become extremely difficult as his son has become an active 'vampire'. Torn between the woman he can't readily admit his love to and the son he has never known, he attempts to clear his name after Day Watch members are mysteriously murdered and he is prime suspect. The climactic scene on the top floor of the Day Watch building shows this literally. Svetlana and Yegor (his son) are using him in a game of tug of war, representing the emotional force pulling him to each person and the shard of glass about to severe him in two is symbolic of his love being split in two.

Throughout the film CGI and special effects are used to amazing quality. The film clearly has found its forte in the quality CGI, and I have never seen such a slick, believable looking film. From shards of glass shattering as Anton 'jumps through' a billboard to thousands of balls destroying the city, the art director clearly knows what is needed to make the film stand out from the crowd.

Overall, the actors produce great displays and with a good storyline (albeit a little confusing at times) and excellent special effects, this film is definitely worth a watch.

RATING: 7/10

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